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Who is Jeff Lindahl?
Now is the time to take advantage
of the current economy as I did
14 years ago. Six months after…

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Who is Jeff Lindahl

Jeff LindahlNow is the time to take advantage of the current economy as I did 14 years ago. Six months after the completion of my new home, I received a lay off notice. Desperate for any employment, I worked as a landscaper and, fortunately, as a Fannie Mac Reo rehabber. I started rehabbing houses so that the bank could put them on the market I saw the opportunity that Real Estate presented and soon I was flipping my own single families into multi-families and then apartment complexes.

As I was pursuing apartment complexes, I stumbled onto one that had storage units on the extra land. I researched this new market and found a great opportunity. I created the system for the ability to take down any property that came across my plate. My focus today is to show you the great opportunity in self storage

And learn I did! I can't count the number of mistakes I made along the way — I must have made them all.

Here's the wonderful truth that I discovered: That first deal was by far the very hardest, because I had no success pattern to follow. Once I knew the steps after doing that first deal, the second was easy!

Well, I've done over 600 transactions in the last 14 years, and life's pretty good now: I drive a beautiful car, take long vacations in exotic destinations, and work when I please.

Better yet, the people who have followed my tested and proven systems are doing the same!


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